About wMTO Services

The solutions we provide are based on over 20 years experience in web development.
Do not use code from existing platforms (Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Wordpress, TYPO3, Joomla, etc.) because that would diminish the performance of the website.

Web Site Audit

We analyze the website and propose solutions that deliver the best performance and attract as many visitors as possible.

Web site

Web site can be presentation site, online store or shop and application web site. For every option you choose you have to select the appropriate platform.

Page speed

Page loading time is very important for search engines, which is a component in the algorithms used for indexing pages.

Comparations Test via tools.pingdom.com

Custom CMS CMS Custom
Performance grade: 100%
Load time: 796 ms
Faster than: 93% website
Page size: 561 Kb
Request: 39
AB benchmark: 218 requests/second
Typo3 CMS CMS Custom
Performance grade: 71
Load time: 7.02 ms
Faster than: 21% website
Page size: 6.5 MB
Request: 154
AB benchmark: 30.7 requests/second

What we can do for you:

Web site

If you want a presentation, ecommerce, booking, online services, etc. we offer solutions that meet the basic and extended requirements for a professional approach to this online.

Code optimisation

Code (meaning the language in which the page is written) should be optimized so that the loading time of the page to be as small as possible (usually less than 1 second).

If you own a web site

If you already have a website and want to improve, change or whatever you believe is important for you, we can do this with maximum accountability and results.

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