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Optimisation of Magento ecommerce platform

Part One: Magento System

    Magento could be the right choice for your ecommerce website as long as you respect some simple, but not easy to achieve, rules.

    The load time of the page is essential for an ecomemerce web site.

    Let's take a look to a test made with pingdom tool:

    4.18 seconds is quit a lot time to wait, considering that the customers has alternative for buying the products.

    Let's take a look to waiting time for main page.

    As we can see the waiting time is 1.07 seconds, that means that the customer have to wait 1.07 second until the server send the first response.

    This is not at all good, no metter what the web site sell.

    We will test the RPS (request per seconds). This measures the throughput, which is typically the most important measure when you expect results from your ecommerce web site.

    [root@seowisepro ~]# ab -n50 -c10 www.domain.com/ |grep 'Requests per'
    [root@seowisepro ~]# Requests per second:    3.12 [#/sec] (mean)

    As a conclusion you lose up to 90% from customers.

    What is to be done?

    1. Improve the sql server to respond faster.
    2. Install and configure a cache solution.
    3. Tune the magento considering 1. and 2, test the configuration before to be sure that everything is working nice.

Part Two: Magento SEO and NLSEO

    Once we solved the system issue, the SEO and NLSEO part is needed to be done.This will improve the site visibility and the search engine will index your content properly.

    But how I can achieve the results as long as the all ecommerce websites is fighting for best results?

    The response is NLSEO.

    If you are interested about NLSEO please read more here.

    [root@seowisepro ~]# whois nlseo

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