Consolidation payday loans -Welcome to our payday loan consolidation help

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Consolidation payday loans -Welcome to our payday loan consolidation help


Would you like to buy a new vehicle for your family? Do you want to offer a more efficient car? Even if you already have one or more credits in progress, Cofinoga allows you to realize your project of purchase of new vehicle thanks to the regrouping of credits.

Welcome to our payday loan consolidation help

A grouping of payday loans with payday loan consolidation at consists of gathering one or more payday loans. Collecting all your credits can help lower the number of your monthly payments by also varying the duration of the loan. It is a solution to adjust the number of your repayments to your current income. To finance your vehicle project, you can simulate and apply for your credit directly online. You will obtain all the necessary information about your loan (monthly payments, duration, rate, the total cost of credit, etc.). By finalizing your credit application online, you will get the first answer in principle without waiting.

What are the benefits of credit consolidation?

  • to extend the duration of the loan up to 300 months to lower the amount of your monthly payment,
  • to collect all your repayment dates in one fixed monthly payment,
  • to benefit from a single personal loan at fixed rate and duration,
  • to buy back all your loans (and debts if any) from € 10,000 to € 400,000 in the form of a personal loan or a mortgage,
  • to let you choose the monthly date of deduction of your repayments,
  • to offer you the expertise of our financial advisors, who receive you face-to-face in one of the forty Cofinoga financial areas spread throughout France.
  • manage your credit with a single financial institution, which will simplify the management of your repayments

Realize your credit consolidation in 7 steps

  • 1- You do a simulation directly online or by phone to find the best solution for your budget.
  • 2- You immediately get the first answer in principle.
  • 3- You download and print the “Commercial Proposal” (in parallel you will receive it by post)
  • 4- You return by mail the commercial proposal accompanied by all the required supporting documents to the study of your file.
  • 5- After study and subject to our favorable opinion, you will receive, by mail, your Contract of Credit Agreement.
  • 6- You return your “Credit Agreement Offer” completed, dated and signed. From the signing of the “Credit Agreement Offer”, you have a 14-day cooling-off period.
  • 7- You will receive your financing as soon as possible.

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