Options for Organizing Personal Finance

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Options for Organizing Personal Finance

Want to organize your finances once and for all and do not know where to start? Are you in debt and do not know the best way to get the budget up to date? Beware of wrong attitudes and not think of a delicate moment.

There are several options to organize personal finances and the best choice depends on how your current situation is. Do not be afraid to clarify about your financial life for yourself. This is the first step in finding the right path.

CCX Credit helps you in organizing your personal finances and has special tips to put into practice today. Everything so that you can realize your dreams as soon as possible. Come on?


Organizing finances: first step

Clarify each of the following to start organizing your personal finances:


  • What is your monthly and annual income?

    What is your monthly and annual income?

When it comes to personal finances, income is “the mother of all things.” This means that your lifestyle and all your choices should come from that information. And who’s in charge is you!

So if you’re not sure how much you usually get per month, access your bank statement and average over the last 3 months.

Consider only salary and fixed earnings, that is, do not include variable income. Ready! You have found significant value for the next decisions.

To know your income in a year, simply multiply the value found by 12 times. Clarifying these values, both monthly and yearly, is important so that you can plan yourself from now on.


  • What are your expenses?

    What are your expenses?

Have you stopped to think where your salary is going? Are you surprised when you look at your bank account balance right after the month’s payments? It’s time to put everything on the tip of the pencil, including that coffee in the bakery.

Larger expenditures are often easily remembered for organizing finances, but small expenditures can never go unnoticed. Ideally, you should write down your expenses to clarify what is weighing on your budget.

Who does not like spreadsheets, has option: the famous notebook. What you can not do is fail to clarify what your expenses are in the month.

To facilitate the start of the task, consult the bank statement and note the values ​​of expenses by category: housing, food, debt, education, personal expenses, leisure, among others.


  • Do you have debts?

If you have debts, but are compliant, maintaining financial balance is the biggest challenge, not to stay in the red.

Now, if your situation is a bit more complicated, with late accounts and outstanding debts, there are two options for organizing your finances: negotiate directly with creditors or swap your debt for a cheaper one.

In the first option, the ideal is that you have in hand a good amount for cash payment, to get a little discount.

In the second option, with a personal loan, you can take out your debts and get away from high interest .

It is a smart debt exchange because you will have to pay only one debt per month, on the best maturity date (which you choose) and with installments that do not weigh in your monthly budget. Easy to control finances!


  • Do you have money saved for emergencies?

    Do you have money saved for emergencies?

Saving money for emergencies is key to organizing your personal finances.

With a reservation for unexpected situations, you will hardly resort to the credit card or overdraft, lines of credit that hold the highest interest in the market.

Choose an option to reserve money for emergency situations:

  • Option 1 : If you have already paid your bills and left your money, save it in savings or make an easy-to-redeem investment. Save a lump sum at a time, if possible, or go back and save monthly until you get a good reserve.

  • Option 2 : If there is no balance left in your budget, you need to reevaluate your spending to save money. Create a low goal and increase. Do not give up!


  • Do you have plans with your money?

Organizing finances is an even more indispensable task when you have financial plans, short, medium or long term.

For example, if you want to change your car in a year (short term), you need to assess how much you will need to save per month to buy it at the desired time.

Search, write down, make accounts, cut expenses. The decision is yours: strive to save money in the short term or save a little per month for a long period.

If you do not have clear plans at the moment, create goals with your money and then decide the fate of your economy.

Beware of the expenses that seem invisible, as they can detract from your planning. To conquer your dreams, you need hand in hand and lots, lots of discipline.


Organizing finances: controlling expenses

Organizing finances: controlling expenses

When organizing personal finances, prioritize payments for basic services such as water and energy.

The ideal is to register the basic expenses payments in the automatic debit, thus, does not run the risk of forgetting.

Still, it is important to track the charges in the bank statement or application to see if you are spending more than you should.

As the basic expenses are usually the same, just before you receive your salary, write down the approximate amounts in a spending spreadsheet.

CCX Credit has an uncomplicated spending spreadsheet for you to use, download it here . Watch out for superfluous expenses like leisure and shopping. Even the small daily expenses, like the famous “cafezinho”, can not go blank.


Organizing your finances: count on the CCX Credit

Organizing your finances: count on the CCX Credit

The CCX Credit has solutions for you to organize personal finances, such as a personal loan. Thus, you can apply for your personal loan quickly and securely over the internet.

That’s right: you no longer have to waste time going to banks and financial institutions to evaluate personal loan proposals.

Your loan application at AVC Credit is evaluated by several partners at the same time. With us, it is much easier to find the perfect personal loan for your moment.

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