4 Golden Opportunities to Be Free from Debt in Ramadan

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4 Golden Opportunities to Be Free from Debt in Ramadan

In this month of Ramadan, maybe most of you cannot fully enjoy this blessed month. This can occur due to a worry about the nominal swelling of expenditure during this month. Starting from the daily shopping costs to the cost of going home during Eid, all make you feel that spending in Ramadan will definitely be greater than the other months.

But if you pay attention, it is precisely at this time that you can get various opportunities to increase income and be free of debt in the month of Ramadan. You also have the opportunity to get debt relief from a special bank during this Ramadan. Here are some golden opportunities that you can use to be free of debt in Ramadan:


Many Business Opportunities

Although it only lasts for one month, Ramadan is a golden opportunity for you to open a business. In Ramadan, we can see that some types of goods such as Muslim clothing and Ta’jil food are highly sought after and popular with. This can be an opportunity for you to open a business and add additional income. However, keep in mind that you need to choose the right business opportunity in the month of Ramadan so you can get the maximum benefit and increase income. The income that you get from this business can later be used to pay for other needs, for example to pay off your credit card debt that is still in arrears.


Take advantage of free time for freelance work

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For those of you who work as private employees, usually your office will reduce working hours in the month of Ramadan. This means you can have more free time than usual. You can use this free time to find a side job / freelance . Usually freelance jobs do not require a bachelor’s degree, other than that the work charged is quite light. Moreover, you can do it from home. You can use the skills you have, such as graphic design skills, foreign languages, and more, to increase your income. Even though it seems like nothing at first, working freelance can still help ease the burden of your expenses and help you to be free of debt in the month of Ramadan.


THR Abundant at the End of the Month

This is one of the things that is certainly most anticipated during the month of Ramadan, namely the holiday allowance or THR. Almost all employees will receive THR from the company where they work as they approach the end of Ramadan. If you are one of those lucky people, you should still need to be vigilant. Don’t let THR at the end of this month encourage you to make excessive purchases. Take your time to develop the budget that you will use from your THR later. Make sure to prioritize your THR to pay off outstanding debts and debts, or even save it for future use.


Relief Program to Pay Off KTA Arrears and Credit Cards

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In Ramadan, some banks provide attractive offers to make it easier for you to pay off your credit card and KTA debt. The offer is usually in the form of a relief program with a discounted bill or extended installment period with lower interest rates. This offer aims to help you pay off debts according to your abilities. This offer is available exclusively for Edward Murdstone international clients.

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