Try These 4 Ways When You Are Looking For Funds To Pay Off Debt

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Try These 4 Ways When You Are Looking For Funds To Pay Off Debt

Thinking about debt bills can be a big burden. Maybe some of you are currently tied to multiple bills at the moment, or with large bills. Even if you receive a fixed salary every month, financial conditions can change according to conditions. This can cause your ability to pay not according to predictions at any time. In conditions like this, of course you need to find alternative sources of funds to pay off debt bills. Here are some alternatives when looking for funds to pay off debt:


Disbursing Investment

investment loan

Some of you may have investments that are still running. You can consider withdrawing some of the investment you have to pay off the debt. Later you can re-invest after the financial condition has stabilized again. Some types of investments that you can disburse include savings, mutual funds, bonds, and deposits. Investment can also be in the form of valuables such as gold, land, and houses. Make sure you have no plans to use it in the near future, before starting to sell these valuables.


Make use of assets

Make use of assets

If you have assets such as cars and houses that are not used or have not been utilized optimally, you can use them to find additional income. Cars that are rarely used for example, can be used for various things and increase income . You can open shuttle services for school children. Your car can also be rented or used as advertising media, by attaching advertising stickers from certain brands.

Apart from cars, you can also use the house to increase income and pay off debt. Both the house as a whole, and only some unused rooms can still be rented as rented or boarding-room. If you have vacant land, you can also use it as a paid parking lot.


Rely on Family Assistance

Many people choose not to involve the family in matters or material matters. But when you have problems in paying off debt, of course the family will be more willing to help. To avoid misunderstandings, it’s a good idea to make an agreement or agreement with family members that helps you cover your debt. The agreement contains the terms and conditions of the loan given. This will give a sense of security and trust to family members who lend money. Even though you have been helped by the family, do not underestimate the loan that you have submitted. Make sure you will not harm the family that has helped later.


Using JHT (Old Age Guarantee)

Rely on Family Assistance

For those of you who have touched retirement, you can take advantage of JHT / Old Age Insurance from BPJS Employment. Some of you may be familiar with BPJS Employment. BPJS Employment provides social security programs for the community. Among the various programs offered, there is the JHT program or Old Age Guarantee. The amount you have accumulated over the years while working as an employee can be used as a fund to pay off debts. For information, the amount of JHT contributions is for recipients of wages of 5.7 percent with details of 2 percent of workers and 3.7 percent for employers. JHT contributions that are deposited are withdrawn every month from the employee’s salary.

Simulation of JHT contributions for BPJS Employment:

Salary: IDR 4,000,000

Working Length: 1 year

Monthly contribution: 5.7% x Rp.4,000,000, – = Rp.228,000, –

JHT contributions paid per year: Rp.228,000, – x 12 months = 2,736,000, –

This fee will certainly increase with the salary increase you get. If you have worked for a long period, of course this money has accumulated quite a lot. For those of you who have reached retirement age, that is 56 years old, you can withdraw the Old Age Guarantee fund (JHT) to help pay off your debt. Of course the amount of JHT funds collected depends on the duration of your membership. If you have other efforts to raise funds, it’s good that you don’t spend all of your JHT funds to pay off debt. Make sure you leave some for your retirement. 

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